Shipyard Welder Jobs

AmeriForce mainly staffs all of the large shipyards. They typically pay on the lower end compared to other staffing companies but almost always have work.
Phone: (888) 269-3381

CTR Group
CTR staffs shipyards and just about any other kind of industrial contracting positions.
Phone: (800) 945-9095

HKA Enterprises, Inc
HKA Enterprises recruits welders and fitters for most of the big shipyards. They have a marine division but also have all kinds of other positions depending on their customers needs.
Phone: (800) 825-5452

Integrity Staffing Services
Integrity Staffing Services mainly work in the Virgina area. This area has a lot of Government contracting jobs and is home to Newport News Ship Building.
Phone: (757) 420-0355

PDS Maritime Services
PDS Tech Maritime Division focuses on military shipbuilding jobs and has some of the highest pay rates in the industry! They are as Good as it gets working through a staffing company. They staff every highly skilled job from welding pipes on ships to finding the engineers that are designing the next generation of rocket engines for NASA. PDS is a first class all of the way!
Phone: (800) 270-4737

SeaSide Staffing
This is a small staffing company in the Virginia Beach area.

Phone: (757) 963-2509

Tradesman International Marine Division
Tradesman has a Maritime division that provide a traveling work force to shipbuilders that have a labor shortage. Unlike most staffing companies Tradesman’s people work for tradesman full time and move from shipyard to shipyard.
Phone: (800) 573-0850

Trillium Staffing
Trillium Staffing has recruiters and personnel working throughout the country from Alaska to Hawaii. They staff shipyards and industrial construction jobs.
Phone: (866) 541-1750

Trade Team
Trade Team Staffing Solutions has a marine division and staffs all of the big shipyards. This head hunting agency knows what they are looking for and has excellent clients that are worth working for.

Phone: (757) 961-3918