Schools for Underwater Welding

Currently, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the world with schools for underwater welding. Other countries with such schools include Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

Normally, it is important to choose an underwater welding school that offers a comprehensive training. That is, from basics to advanced training.

Although the schools offer the same courses that meet the international standards, there could be a variation in terms of cost or program length. Therefore, it is important to do a comprehensive research to be sure it offers the best training within a specific timeframe and cost.

On average, the entire training for underwater welding may cost between $2,800 and $23,400. This wide variation in the cost will depend on the specific area of specialization.

The duration of the program may also range from 6 to 88 weeks. Again, this will depend on specific area of specialization. More complex tasks will require more time.

Having said all these, now let’s have a short overview of schools for underwater welding:

Schools for Underwater Welding in the U.S.A

Although we have many underwater welding schools, below are some of the most reputable institutions:

·         CDA Technical Institute

The CDA Technical Institute offers one of the best trainings for underwater welding in Florida. It has a wide range of training programs.

The CDA Technical Institute graduates can earn certifications from:

  1. American Petroleum Institute
  2. Hazwoper Environmental Training
  • American Welding Society
  1. Association of Commercial Diving Educators, etc.

·         Divers Academy International

The Divers Academy International is a New Jersey based training institution with a range of courses and training programs. Notably, underwater welding is part of the ACDE/ANSI Commercial Dive Certification.

Once you meet the Divers Academy International’s admission requirements, you’re free to start your training.

·         Divers Institute of Technology

The Divers Institute of Technology is in Washington. The institution has been training divers since 1968. Once you meet the stipulated training requirements, pay the stipulated fees and start the training.

Over the years, the Divers Institute of Technology has grown to be one of the most reputable institutions that offer underwater welding.

·         Hydroweld

Hydroweld is yet another reputable school for underwater welding in Florida. Moreover, it offers training opportunities in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Asia, South Africa, Netherlands and Australia.

·         International Diving Institute

International Diving Institute underwater welding is in South Carolina. It offers a range of training programs on air/mixed gas surface supplied diving, underwater welding certification and HAZWOPER/HAZMAT training.

You can review the International Diving Institute’s admission criteria.

·         South Central Louisiana Technical College

The South Central Louisiana Technical College is in Louisiana and offers a wide range of training programs. It is a school that offers one of the best trainings in electrical and electronics technology.

Follow this link to view their fee details.

·         The Ocean Corporation

The Ocean Corporation is a reputable school for underwater welding on Houston Texas. It offers excellent training in commercial diving, nondestructive testing and underwater welding, alongside other programs and courses.

Once you meet The Ocean Corporation admission requirements, you’ll be free to start your training.

In short, these are just a few schools for underwater welding. As a rule of thumb, before you enroll for any program, ensure it is offered an established and reputable institution, which is recognized by the regulatory authorities.