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Welcome to WeldWorkforce

WeldWorkforce is all about welding! The welding information on this site is about the four most common types of welding processes and how to become a certified welder. The welding processes this site is focused on are:

These are the types of welding processes that are taught in welding schools and are used in the majority of industries from ship building to nuclear power plant construction. If you have any doubts just search any employment ads for welding jobs or visit a welding supply store!

Many of the subjects covered here are not even found in text books, online, or in welding schools. This is detailed information I wrote down and took pictures to reference too while working and becoming a certified welder again. It comes down to the small details that you learn while welding that make a big difference. I will always be adding more information as my career moves on. While writing much of the content I have been lucky enough to get advice from some of the best welders in the field. A lot of the advice on here is also what I learned from welders that have literally mastered and perfected their skills to the highest level! So far this is only the beginning of this site and one day hope to make it a place where you will be able to find anything you need related to welding.